The car-park designed for flying-cars

Farnborough, Hampshire, has a private, exclusive roof-top car-park that can only be accessed by foot (or helicopter)


It has been like that for the last 5 years, and both residents & council are utterly brassed off about it:


Farnborough has a shortage of parking spaces within the town centre, so this space would be a boon for shoppers. It is fully marked-out into 70 bays & ready for use, but has never felt the tread of a car tyre. If only there was a ramp to get up to it from the street…

Just to add extra bizarre details, Gareth Lyon from the Rushmoor Borough Council told Adrian Chiles of Radio 5 Live that he had been contacted by local parents after they received threatening letters from the building management. Their children had been stopped from playing football in the car-park, and the letters said that their children might damage cars parked in the bays (the only means of access is stairs, or a lift that might be able to accommodate a bicycle).

There is currently a gym under the car-park. The block was built in 2010, at which point the developers ran out of money. There was supposed to be a residential block built next door, with an access road to the street from that block (on the right of the photo above; if you look closely, you may be able to spot the gap in the parapet where the bridge was due to join the car-park).

Farnborough residents are now deeply cynical, after 5 years of zero activity, that anything will change soon with their unique car-park (suitable for angels, only).

The people of Fontmell Close, St Albans recently had a nasty surprise


I normally refuse  to hear talk of “massive” sinkholes, when all that they are is an over-grown pothole, but this one that opened up at the end of a cul-de-sac (Fontmell Close, St Albans) is a decent size:
A new amenity for Fontmell Close, St Albans – a Hole of your Own – opened up Thursday Oct 1 2015

A Hertfordshire County Council spokesman said:

We were informed about a hole in the footpath last week. It was inspected and barriers put around it on Monday.

Naturally, the local postman fell into the hole, but the spokesman insisted that they planned to fill it in “this morning”. However, at 01:30 BST this morning the Fire Service got a call to say that the hole had opened up some more. It was now 66ft (20m) diameter & 33ft (10m) deep. 5 homes were evacuated and 20 people were taken to a centre set up at the nearby Batchwood Sports Centre. Now, 52 local homes are without gas, electric or water. Gosh, it’s getting serious. Well, at least they have a nice, big hole for the sewerage…


It really makes me think about the so called value of most homes and certainly gives a new slant on the term ‘money pit’

Let’s face it though, most people are actually up to their ears in debt and won’t actually own their home until several decades later and as any good mortgage broker will tell you, your home may be repossessed if you don’t keep up repayments


Or if a massive bloody big hole opens up in the middle of your backyard!